Jun 28, 2009

Bendel Babe to Blog..im sort of still kind of here..

bonjour lovelies, im not just blogging because of the rain. i think snickerdoodle crumbs cupcakes give me a high.. alors the sugar buzz tipped me to the love rather than hate relationship i have been having with blogging..in general.

so why the lapse? bb msnger has taken a toll on my lust for the written word and my friends share my most intimate and random thoughts at all times. my blog unfortunately has taken a back seat.

if anyone is still around let me indulge you with random mobile shots of life as it stands for yours truly x

lemme begin with a shout out to my friends on 53rd and 6th .. i seriously dont mind the long lines at midnight for DELISH chicken and rice - people let it be known here and beyond that i have had the platter! lol

VOGUE what?? NEWBEAUTY is like THE magazine to have. a beauty bible of all things fab - so what if i read cover to cover a gazillion times it just makes me that much cooler lol

ps. im a FUNCTIONALAB junkie & Luhving it.. join the clique ..im a 7 x

a moment to myself at bloomies (assesing the credit card damage) avec the infamous snickerdoodle cupcake

for my fabulous posse LULU and Huda =)

banoffe-ing @ charbonnel et walker sans sister. i miss you x

signing out with the view from my room, the upper west side and a whole lot of lush green C.park

love you lovelies. enjoy your summer x