May 5, 2009

Size 6 copper Ginas

To the girl who ended up getting them lbs el3afyh xx

The lowdown: Boutique 1 sale. moi et lulu shoe shopping and fluttering in temperly love.. I decide to put the copper pair aside while I try on THE fabulous top that matches..(Bainy w bainkom I didn't fancy the pair..its just the sale part that gets me all psycho) so we both get a knock on the fitting room door..another lady is not only eye-ing my ginas but desperatly pouting for them.. Suddenly they become the only thing I think about I become all defensive and juuuuust a teeeeeny weeeeny bit mad I tell the sales lady that they are mine!!!

Seconds later..
I glance at my reflection and think but maybe by giving them up "desperate woman" would have a fabulous highlight to her day..and thus inturn mine..

Ohooo!! Now I simply to give them up. I did and still do feel all the more better my soles shall sparkle in gina glamour any other day ;p

..more to the point.. Why does being possesive over an item oooooonly appears after we know that someone else has their eye on it ..? lol in the past I aaaaaaalways end up buying watever it is..cause if I can't make my mind up then it must be worth it if a lady is lingering (more like hovering) over the item longer than a few minutes waiting for me to decide.

So in the case of women and sales: Posession always clouds judgement on aaaaaanything that aaaanybody shows a remote bit of interest on.

Alors girls:

1. Believe in Karma
2. ACT indifferent and trust me u will own it..

Sweet kitsch cupcake dreams x
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Emaratioryx said...

I think I saw u there :p

Luxurina said...

I agree, I get like that too..I guess it's human nature..I'm glad u realized wut u were doing, and decided to make that woman's day ..It's all about good karma and positive energy!

Aljoud said...

a very smart and thoughtful move! its those moments where you stop and think about the bigger picture that matter the most.

Anonymous said...

miss u alot thanx for last day nasaye7 i love them all

no name needed