May 2, 2009


Is just like any other reward my fabulosity in yoga my body demands a treat or two.
..Just so you know I'm hooked on kitsch's peanut butter cupcakes!! 3azab!

..So what makes this saturday different? Ummmmm Twalaht 3ala my blog!! I somehow got sidetracked to the more important things in life..the happenings the whereabouts (omg dubai is my most favorite concrete jungle there is always a new spa and hot spot to melt my heart) and kinda fazed out tech anything (ala dr. Lipman's SPENT - get a copy from amazon asap-- lipman speaks to ME) yes I'm spent? and on the way to recovery.

Ok I must admit I think I'm really blogging causei can't be bothered to change the batteries on my tv remote LOL je sais I'm baaaad.. But if I don't stop being lazy (and wait for the last chunk of hersheys to melt in mouth) I'll miss my nightly fix of 1950's b/w eygptian movies..a night sans souad hosni et al is utterly un-inspirational.

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Roon said...

lol xD

Aljoud said...

I miss you heaps! <3

Luxurina said...

Love souad hosny..I haven't watch bw egyp movies in ages!