May 4, 2009

Bon Soir lovelies x

ever since I "retired" (from my dream job mind u - long story..lesson learnt: fashion and stress should never go hand on hand) I vowed to never let a day go by without a highlight.. I want to look back and think everyday was well regrets avec delightful memories..I take pleasure in the most ordinary of things and share my highlights with my bb buddies.. It could be a delish scoop of icecream at midnight and just wen I'm craving a hagen daz affogado..or spending the day with lulu doing unbelivable BTA yoga lol (I shall not elaborate on how crazy it is) or just hanging out at the "shelter" ..perhaps indulging in a FAT Burger .le gasp!

In tonight's was receiving a postcard from a highschool friend in Paris (awww)..I hate that the only postcard I ever sent was to my father a million years time I'm on a street side cafe and as cheeeesy as it might seem I will send a postcard avec a polaroid to the person I miss the most right then and there..and perhaps bring asmile to them late at night wen they have just come home to collapse on the sofa and watch rotana zaman..

Mais oui... la vie est plus belle quand on l'ecrit soi meme (life is best played without a script) x

Here's to having many sweet ..simple and memorable highlights.. :)
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Candy said...

afaa laish retire :s
since ur in love with fashion,is u job related 2 fashion???
just wanna know mn bab el legafa since u love fashion that much..

Baroque said...

your post made me smile.
u are too cute Nawary..

don't you love tiny gestures that paint those rare smiles of utter pleasure at just that perfect time when you are down or tired or stressed..

to making people's day xx

Bahrain Fashion said...

Well, it is the little things in life that matter. And those very ordinary things, too!

Anonymous said...

Allah ykhalilech ur friend
i wish i have a friend who sends postcards =/

Anonymous said...

i love lolo to but u start to b more close to here guess why but the good part i love u more
no name needed