Apr 12, 2009

Bahrain in a Heartbeat

A place I belong <3

..Next time..a rendez vous with my most fabulous bahraini counterparts. Asma.aysha.hussa.and noora.

Ps. No sharing aaaaany lilou deserts avec moi (especially not the creme brulee) :p
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Baroque said...

i've always wanted to see the national museum, was it good?

we were strapped for time the last time i was there and my friends seemed to value shopping at moda mall over getting cultured at the museum..

pity xx

nyxxie said...

nawarty yal ghala nawarty! <3<3<3
for the very few hours that you were here, lei7een z3lana eni ma sheftech :'( ma bashofech fe dbai lein tyeen tzoorena.. better make it quick !! ;p

Bahrain Fashion said...

My island XD !!!!