Mar 6, 2009

a shout out to omaya

My mummy is the cutest she's a fan of my blog and like reads it religiously (omy marc is marc jacobs btw lol) anyways today she wanted me to create her a blogger account so she can comment! Stop with the Coolness already a7bch wayed lol a virtual cupcake to u 7ub 7ayaty BOSA :)
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Aljoud said...

awwwh how adorable!! <3
Allah iykhaleelech eyaha weykhaleech elha!

FLAME said...

how cute! allah eykhaleeku, elba3a'9 inshalla

Delicately Realistic said...

too cute !

Hi mama Omaya !

mamasy said...

aaaaaaw ^.^ etjaaaanin
alla y5aleeelch iyaha enshalla

nyxxie said...

awhhh how adorable! mom can only go as far as the open/close pc button. lol

Maryam said...

>.< OMG 5alo is the coolest ... <3 hahaha ummayah is a FB addict ;) once i created the account for her it FB 24/7
PS. The virtual cupcakes look tempting

Maryam Khalfan- xo