Mar 17, 2009

Senteurs de Fée - fragrances from the fairies

i adore apothecaries and have shared some of my favorites from around the world during my live journal days. and its been a while since ive divulged a secret hotspot of mine.

so if in paris do drop by and say hello to the fairies of 10 rue de Sévigné.

my ultimate favorite of all parisian gifts would have to be the pure rose nectar (a distillation of Bulgaria's purest and most precious roses that offers 100% natural regeneration)

a treat for your skin staright from the fairies ;)


mawazee said...

i tell u should write "a fashionista's travel guide" :P love the tip!!
cant wait til i go to Paris again!

Anonymous said...

love u yaqoomar
no more paris 2gether
no name needed

KissMyShades said...

I love the bottles, will make sure to pass by when am there

Fastidious Babe said...

As mawazee said, u definitely should! Glob trotting in style ;)

the apothecary looks cozy n fab, i can almost smell those roses lol xx