Mar 8, 2009

Sandibe Safari lodge, Botswana

i inherited the travel bug from my grandfather and have been privileged in racking up all those air miles lol

i have a notebook made up of scribbles on tissue papers and napkins and hotel paper of all the places id like to see.. and maybe ill share all of them with you someday.

i dream of going on a safari in africa. i want to see the masai mara tribes in Kenya and inhabit a cottage with an open air shower in Botswana..

my choice: the sandibe safari lodge for fabulous savage sophistication! x


Layla said...

yaaay enshallah U'll go there soon =)

U reminded me of the last page in my diary, I scribbled all the places I'd like to travel to, with suggested time of the year ba3ad :P
Safari in Tanzania is on the top of the list

nyxxie said...

Omg i hafta show you my places to go lil book i've put together for myself, sandibe safari cottages botswana is one of my top 5 ;p