Mar 2, 2009

OMG: Guess the celebrity

Appart from fulfilling a lifelong dream of walking amidst a rainforest filled with thousands of tropical butterflies this afternoon.. Guess who I ran into @ the butterfly conservatory!!

Ps. I wudve taken a proper shot but after we asked him he being super sexy ..politley apologized and said he was here to spend time with his family lol

At that point I stopped taking pretty butterfly shots and quite frankly started stalking the tall man in the black hat!

Soooooo who just melted my heart with his accent (that was a hint) lol guess? :p
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Faten said...

Hugh Jackman ?<-- oscars mode

mawazee said...

gerard butler!!(is he married?:S)

...wayed a7ebh!:$

meme said...

Antonio Banderas

blackdiamonds said...

something tells me its Hugh Jackman ;p

- F said...

NO hugh jackman is in tokyo! haha I'm his biggest fan *cough* stalker *cough* I bet it is ummm hugh dancy? *gasp* no no omg! I can't guess noora you are killing us tell us who he is! If he is Hugh jackman I'll kill you! haha sorry I just love him to death lol stalker much!!!