Mar 11, 2009


i changed my blog's title..for now
clearly i dont see our marriage happening any time soon.

yes marc i hereby set you free !! lol


eshda3wa said...

tsk tsk

a girl should never give up

MYTH.Graphy said...

sometimes when you love someone, it's better to set them free,,

I salute you for giving up your dream =P welcome to Sane world again ehehe

Anonymous said...

I never saw this coming .... ;)

Petite Feerie said...

nor did I lol

maybe in future u'll be obsessed with someone better than marc..non?

plus on the good side i think wat u did is healthy ;p

cute il post! hehe

Aljoud said...

congrats on moving on giiiirl!! ;)

mawazee said...

looool!! BIG move!! yallah halee maktoub el wa7ed sho bysawee :P

Limited said...

he will always have a special place in your heart ;P

Emaratioryx said...

but you're still friends right ?

nawary said...

eshda3wa LOL i'm all stalked out! lol

Mythgraphy. i think im still lurking around in my own "insane" planet and i like it x

anonymous. i think boredom played a big part in my decision i shall regret this but maybe someother day lol.

PF lol I hope so.. better .. in a non gay non jewish guy kinda of way LOL

MAWAZEE ALJOUD. LOL allah ybarklkom. lets hope there actualy is life beyond marc <3 as if he knows i exist stupid man.

Limited. forever!! lol

emaratioryx ahahahahaha but of course i still need genius in my life!

Butter said...

Omg, marry me marc was such a trade mark on my dashboard! now i'm gonna have to get used to the new u.