Mar 8, 2009

Hate is a strong word

If only I could find an even stronger one to sum up all that I feel for my BB bold.

Enough freezing.crashing.uncaught errors already!!

And now I'm starting to question the entire notion of being connected 24/7 .. Is there such thing as being too connected? I'm literally alwaysglued to my phone the emails ..msnger (wats up with strangers sharing their pins) I share everything with my bb budies and wudhate to have strangers lurking on my list!!

I'm leaning towards the new prada LG its soooo sleek.. Or get back into the BB bandwagon..maybe back to a curve the latest one javallin I think ismh??

If u have any thoughts on my phone dilema do share.

Bosa x
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Anonymous said...

Halaw Nawaryyyyy!!!

As u know....I am still resisting to get on the BB's hitting all those surrounding me...and yes I'm still resisting...

Why resist when owning a BB is the latest fad?....coz I still haven't answered myself yet "How toooo connected do I want to be?", on the other's fun to remain connected to friends...ya3ni remaining in the looop!

So....if u finalize which sleekest BB tell me....coz probably i'll surrender to end up getting one :P

xX Cute UAE

3anooda said...

i shared my PIN with starngers awal ayam il BB min kithr il 7amas - ba3ad ma 6ila3ly cham min freak i filter BIG time. al7een kileh friends

tawny yayba my BB Bold min il ta9lee7 kan feeh virus awain. but otherwise im very much a BB addict. i feel once u BB u never go back. i ddnt have it at work full day today and i felt lost.

too connected!! i feel not connected enough

Fastidious Babe said...

I feel ur pain! Do u know that it has been pulled out at some places for over heating. And let's not even mention the battery life. And on again off again network. I am fed up too. Maybe storm or curve, but definitely another BB

Delicately Realistic said...

I don't have a BB yet but im almost always connected, checking my mail my blog my tweets u name it.

I miss sitting in a waiting room or standing in a line and having nothing to do, just me and my thoughts.

Maitha* said...

aww were the same! i even blogged about my blackeberry bold problems:s theyre never ending!!!! im also going for the LG prada :D its finally out with arabic keyboard and im getting it this week! I had the old one and it was great... and the new one is even better!

- F said...

I would never give up my BB for any phone! It is so useful I swear lol I'm so attached to the BB messenger it's my life! Dunno about you but get the Javallin one both of my sister's have it and it is very cute :p

nyxxie said...

i rarely ever give my bb pin out, i carefully select the ppl i add on my list not to feel that *too connected* vibe. i miss u on my bb nawary. ever since i changed my curve again i haven't had u on my list, i texted u with my pin though. come let's bb again! only get a the new curve xx

Petite Feerie said...
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Petite Feerie said...

with the many complaints BB bold has its still much more powerful than the curve and much more stable

=) hope that helps

mawazee said...

loool the sole reason im not getting a BB is because i dont want to be connected 24/7!!

it sucks coz everyone else has one and whenever we're out,my friends or sis r glued to their BB screens!!! Ppl r forgetting their social manners!!loool

i say no to BB's unless its for work!

Honey said...

they stopped selling the bb bold here at orange in the uk some time ago coz of all the problems but now they seemed to have fixed it coz its back on the shelves.
i own one of the latest curves and i for one would vouch for them anyday over the bold coz they are lighter and fit in ur palms more easily.and no software troubles at all.
also i know what u mean by being to connected...i was at the park enjoyin a rare gloriuosly sunny day and a much deserved day off from work but i couldn't stop reading fb updates or insane emails.
sometimes the best way is to switch off.

Luxurina said...

I have the javallin and I love it