Mar 19, 2009


My most favorite magazine ever hits dubai stands.. No more beging londoners to grab me a copy.

In other news: my current and everlasting obsession is making me stay up super late and buying an entirely new wardrobe.. Merci for my new look and outlook on life..souad ;)

Also.. I need ur help dear readers tennis instructor has retired just as I was about to turn pro haha ..does anyone know a really good female tennis coach to pursue my killer backhand and fabulous looks on the courts s.v.p.? X

Finalement, a quick hello to "no name needed" luv u ya qoomar ;) lol
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Anonymous said...

ya qoomar did u call sarah i thnk i dont want to b with 10000 in the same teness court so plzzz do somthng. thanx for th cofe break my sweet qomar ever

no name needed

meme said...

Mme.Monstre said...

my tennis instructor too ! .. she started "not replying" on my since october ! . its been a realllly long time .. i've been looking for female instructors .. they're either permanently moving out of dubai .. or they just ceased to exist ..i heard Dubai Ladies Club will hire someone instead .. i hope ! soon .. !