Mar 13, 2009

Boucheron Immortalizes Ladurée Macaroons

(from this year's collection Gaiete Parisienne (Parisian Joy) - Gourmandise)

My Name is Noora and i have an insatiable appetite for Laduree Macaroons ;)

ps. retro-nista ca cest pour toi ..your last post was eye candy alas indulging in bling might be detrimental to the wallet yes but not the waistline! x


sadia said...

very nice!

Petite Feerie said...

<3 boucheron

those rings and necklace spells cuteness!

yummy <3

nyxxie said...

i find their macaroons to be over rated, none the less i buy from them. im such a sucker for packaging. lol

retro-nista said...

<3 u
thats deff going on my bday wish list!