Mar 2, 2009

bon soir lovelies

Meet the bendel babes..

From right: red head huda who's always in a rush. Eats everything sans sauce and can live on fresh orange juice and margaretta pizzas only. She also makes a weird sound wen she's sleepy or has a headache.

In the centre is urs truly. Noora. She is overly obsessed with ribbons (alas the blue bow in her hair) finds extraordinary pleasure in the most ordinary of things and a super frothy chino makes her day. also was just surrounded by many pretty butterflies. Euphoric!

To the left is Alya..she is outspoken yet super mellow. Always laidback and tres chic. she usually splurges on the most coveted item du jour

Together we form the bendel brigade x
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nyxxie said...

awwh you're the cutest one ;p

Anonymous said...

still waiting to find out who the celebrity is (7asha yal fo'6ool)*_*