Feb 10, 2009

Fran says I'm a hedonist

Just posted this in the forums nd thought I'd share my under the covers just about to sleep random updates from my life..

I have a sports injury like seriously? I'm not agressive or anything bs I'm no kornikova in the making. sweet and gorgeous man in ER said I should come back again before and if I decide to travel next week. Bsmillah let's hope my itenerary doesn't change

Also I forget how amazing a parraffin nail treatment felt..I'm in vanilla bliss

I'm about to have my doughia chandelier fixed in my room.. Meanwhile I'm really freaking out this metal hook thing just above me looks like its going to come crashing down on my nose

I'm hooked on pink sugar his blog is my meth. lol


Ps. Fran 3 cupcakes and counting :p
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nyxxie said...

ma 3laich sharrrr x xx x becareful of that chandelier!!

I ♥ pink Sugar said...

and pink sugar is hooked on Marry me marc!!

btw the hair band would look fabulous, with a beautiful white D&G raincoat and a PVC leather belt, and net stcockings! fabulous! a mix of im a good girl, but can be kinky!

love your blog

Anonymous said...

Fashy r those ENGAGMENT cupcakes <3
OK for the 100.. time u looked STUNNING 2day ;) LOL i seriously have to meet FRAN ;P

I <3 Pink Sugar love the blog <3 <3 and as for those NET STOCKING hmmm ?! i think a girl should always look elegent and classy

X Boosah

I ♥ pink Sugar said...

Anniy wanny!

i totally agree! but look at Queen B from gossip girls, i love how she pulls an elegant classy look but still manages to add some kinkyness either with the stockings or the hot red rouge!

its so head turning

Maryam said...

Love <3 B's style on the show Eris Daman the stylist does an amazing job !