Feb 5, 2009

according to dipesh d..

"..But there's nothing like the society-page crowd, with big, bleached hair and dangly diamond earings, brandishing their Birkins like swords drawn at a duel, to bury a brand. These ladies my well have boosted visibility, but at what cost?

..Once an aspirational icon of class, grace and elegance, the bag has now become the benchmark for a completely different kind of woman. So I say, pull up that drawbridge! The elite allure of the Birkin may be lost, but let's at least save the Kelly while we can."

What say you? I'm so over the 10million birkin sightings a day in Dubai..if u buy a bag to validate ur existense and so called status..I think money spent on self help would be a much better investment. Also enough with 8000 dhs fakes! Seriously?!

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mawazee said...

i totally agree with u fashy!! 9ar elmaw'9ou3 maleh ma3na!

and whats sadder is that even guys now recognize the bag wo hum ya7laylhum my5e9hum fy hal sewalif looool

Anonymous said...

Ugh pleeeeeeeeaZe !!!
the girls wear birkins + kellys to ZU and its getting ridiculous !!!
I spotted 12 birkins in one semester. what would they wear after 2 years a fully encrusted diamond birkin too ?!
The question is: will those girls use the birkin forever or just throw it in the cupboard and forget about it ???

Anonymous said...

Which makes me wonder: If birkin bags are hard to get by, isn't it possible that a good number of those birkins that you see everywhere are fake?

Rude Lovers said...

I begged my usband to get me a birkin and thank god he didn't, some months ago i saw six girls carrying birkins in one day!

it lost its appeal to me

Anonymous said...

i agree with everything u guys mentioned above but seriously what do we do if we've had the bag years ago and seriously appreciate the history of the house of hermes and the bag's craftsmanship? i really think twice before carrying my bags =(((

sadia said...
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Maitha* said...

The only thing i can say is its sudden popularity took the beauty out of it.. such a shame! (and whats worse is that you know that most people are carrying fakes!)

Mme.Monstre said...

it became overrated all of a sudden .. the bag has been there for years .. its a nice bag an all .. i would get/carry one .. but its just ridiculous for my age .. ya3ni young girls .. please dont carry them .. once .. in only 30 minutes .. i stood in a place and saw every color in every skin available !! .. too much ..

Butter said...

There are fake Birkins?! I never knew that!
Anyways, I love birkins, i love kellys, and I love Hermes. It's not about getting over the birkin to me. We can say the same about Chanels, but the thing is those kind of bags like birkins and chanels are classics that most women want and love. I once saw a documentary about Hermes birkins and kellys, and it was amazing the way the craftsmen worked on them like pieces of art and the leather was just the greatest. That's when I decided that I must get a birkin, a genuine and classic birkin that I will keep for the rest of my life and never get bored of. How can anyone get bored of a classic? Or get over it?
I would never forget my classics in the closet. They will always be memorable and carried.
As for the status, it bothers me that some women carry birkins just to state their status. Birkins are for elegance and classiness.
Love your blog nawary.

stiletto said...

I love and cherish birkin bags, but from being the must have item it shifted to being available and seen on everyone! Thanks to Victoria Beckham whom wears it in every occasion possible, and many other celebrities. So having a birkin is not unique anymore, and not a head turning like it used to, it is just like any other bag! Time has come to keep it back on shelf, and carry exotic leather bags which are just as expensive, but unique and luxurious.

Fastidious Babe said...

oh i totally agree!

first time i hear of the 8000 dhs fakes tho! seriously!!!?! wtf lol

nawary said...

gorgeous girls i really enjoyed ur comments and thoughts on this topic ... u girls rock. aham shay to remember always and forever. dress for yourselves everyday and do it with style. individuality in materialistically clad society is a breath of fresh air x

oh... & merci butter !! xx

Limited said...

ive seen this bag around waaaaaaaaay too much these days for my liking .. ive always wanted a birkin for its history, for its craftsmanship, for its elegance and class ..but i feel that girls my age young women and such shouldnt carry around a birkin .. i feel its for another time in your life .. its getting too over-rated and too over-done ..

and seriously 8000 dhs fakes?? there r so many better things to spend that money on!

nyxxie said...

why does everyone in this comment page sound so angry, it's hilarious. why are people bugged by what others are wearing? i dont get it.

i find it quite funny that anyone would think people could buy bags hunting for status or class. people might buy bags to show off yes but hunting for that, i doubt.

you can be wearing graff from head to toe and look extremely cheap.

status & class do not come by dressing a certain way. you can however dress in a way that makes you look classier, yes.

i'm quite a collector and love my bags, it's a matter of personal taste luv. nothing to validate existence, or status for that matter.

The Jeweled Orchid said...

i totally agree with nyxsie... you can never buy class, it is something that is bred into you... basically you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you cannot take the trailer park out of the girl!! :P

i hate that they have fake birkins, i hate that they have anything fake, it is so disgusting to see someone who disrespects the artist, in what ever form it maybe, whether jewellery, bags, clothes, shoes, paintings... and i dont buy that everyone should be able to afford it, because if everyone could then where is that special thing about the piece being limited or you putting so much money, time and effort in purchasing that piece!! ( i know i am coming off as a shrewd and a spoilt B*T*H, but i am not, i am just angry for all those artists who spent so much time and effort creating and someone rips away their creativity.... try having someone do it to you sometimes, it suckx alot!!)




Anonymous said...

As for myself, I had my first birkin years ago...when no one around me knew what it was and they would say: "sho hal shan6ah?? mal 3yayiz!" But when I bought it, I did so because I LOVED IT! I enjoyed carrying it..not because of how much it cost!! I figured out..I could spend the same amount on a limited bag from say LV and next season it would be old-fashioned!! Yes, I feel dismayed that there are so many birkins and kellys around but ...to be be totally honest..I can't get myself to buy any other bag..although I have been trying!! Every other brand, except for Chanel, lost its appeal to me!!

- F said...

The birkin use to be classic! NOT ANYMORE. I'm seeing it everywhere. People are just carrying it because it is expensive. It's like a huge sign with the words "OH LOOK AT ME I HAVE A BIRKIN I'M RICH" I hate birkins on teenagers lol seriously! I love it on woman who bought it by their own money you know woman with a job shows that she's independent and confident in a way. Not these kids wallah carrying it just to show off! Boring and stupid.