Jan 14, 2009


Oh and I'm also on a media fast..so I won't be blogging anytime soon.

Pray for Gaza. Be Safe & Enjoy the weather while it lasts x
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Anonymous said...

ya qoomar
enjoying every thng we do togeter
have nice dayz with me or wihout me
feedet baby ali love him 2much

no name needed

i like the pink one send it to me and the green and the black endless list

nyxxie said...

i spring cleaned last week too. i got rid of 4 suitcases of goodies, and id spring cleaned less than a year ago. i felt guilty this time

anyway .. all sent away to the poor <3

3anooda said...

awaln gabil ma ansa - nyxxie chanich 9irti private OR 6aradteeni? add me pls moody_1@hotmail

i did shoe spring cleaning a while ago and i donated about 100 pairs of shoes. it was heart breaking

Honey said...

who is the lil cutie playing with the shoes?looks like a lil teddy bear.

sadia said...

come back soon!

Anonymous said...

would love to see your new room , plz share pics if possible