Jan 7, 2009

the skinny on '09 fundamentals

huge fan of the daily candy..thought id share my favorite DailyCandy fundamentals in no particular order (which is how it should be) :

- Tip Well. be generally generous
- Call your Parents.
- Call your grandparents. better yet visit them. regularly!
- Sweat the small Stuff. Drink Lots of water. Write Thank You notes.
- Pay attention to the Extremities: good hair, nails and shoes make all the difference.
- Indulge in the Extreme. Balance is Overrated.
- Wash Behind your Ears.
- Choose to be Happy.
- Never Clip your nails in Public.
- Acknowledge Good Work wherever you find it.
- Floss.
- Things you CAN Buy on the Cheap without noticing a huge difference: Ibuprofen. canned tomatoes. pepper. coffee filters. flip-flops. bleach.
- Things you CAN'T buy on the Cheap without noticing a huge difference: Shoes. Sushi. Produce. Bras. Stationery. 
- Keep A Diary. its amazing the details you'll forget within a few months.
- Bad drivers deserve to be Shot.
- Do Something that Scares you. then do something else that scares you.
- Find your Moral Compass. And on a regular basis, do whatever you need to do to realign it. (Religion, exercise, meditation, yoga, bungee jumping) Because that's the thing about your moral compass: It will, from time to time, get knocked out of whack.
- Move On.
- You'll never get anywhere Arguing: Politics. Religion. Child-Rearing.
- But you might make Headway Debating: Diets. Dinner.
- Sometimes you need to direct your life. And sometimes you need to react to what life directs at you.
- If you hear a compliment about a friend, Pass it along.
- Eat One Serving of Brightly Colored food Daily. colors should be those normally occurring in nature. (which means orange cheese- puffs don't count).
- Little Kids are Wise. Listen to them.
- The Three Best Three-Word phrases in the English Language: 1. I love you 2. You were Right 3. That was Delicious!
- The Single Best Word: No
- Dance, if only in your underpants and around your living room, at least  twice per week. Feel free to sing while you're at it (especially songs from The Sound of Music).
- NAP.
- If you were meant to be Together. You would be Together.
- Buy yourself Flowers.
- Wish on Pennies and Stars.
- Multitask (leg lifts in front of the TV work well)


Alas. lovelies. I say: cherish your days with wisdom to live by. be your own philosopher. believe in your ideals..(you know those things without which one is generally screwed). make mistakes. move on and be fabulously happy x


sadia said...

today is my birthday.
this list worked wonders on my mood!

thanks sooo much!


Fastidious Babe said...

loved the post! have a great day x

- F said...

I should totally get that book! Loves it <3

nyxxie said...

I do buy myself flowers, for my room, and sometimes the house it works wonders.

little kids can be wiser than many grown ups i know lol

floss. yes please pass the message onto as many people as possible in the world FLOSS people!! lol


.. <3

Dreamy said...

lovely entry - considering buying that book asap!

Honey said...

great post...i guess this is exactly why i love droppin in on ur blog from time to time...it makes me smile :)

Anonymous said...

"You'll never get anywhere Arguing: Politics. Religion. Child-Rearing."

Plus, people who always needs to be right in every argument no matter what the subject is!


The Jeweled Orchid said...

hey sweets honestly, i really enjoyed reading this post of yours :-) and hey mabrook belated on moving int your new room sweets :-) hope its all you dreamed it would be!!

another book irecommend is the girls guide to absolutly everything by melissa kirsch... worth a glance :-)

take care
allah y7fedhch xoxox