Jan 6, 2009

in the midst of it all

a post for the sake of blogging. i miss it. and miss you all. thanks for all your newyear wishes u guys are uber cool.

meanwhile. i hardly have a moment to blog im moving into my new room FINALLY. i know. and i have this wall in my vanity room dedicated to fabulous art & stupidsilly polaroid shots. lol

my current obsession is sourcing Boo Beaumont's fascinating x-ray flower shots! the internal(never before seen by the human eye)  architecture of flowers are breathtaking sub7an allah.. have you ever wondered wats behind beautiful tulips and magnolias? revelations of delicate hidden secrets that make the everyday familiar seem unfamiliar.. check her work out. x

also, for procrastinating princesses comme moi. stop working and learn how to spend a million ..lol  if like me you daydream of the ways to spend a post vegas chaching win..then check this site out now and thank me later..they give you a virtual 1000,000 to daydream and build your millionaire wishlist..there are nearly 300 items from 15 categories to choose from...dont forget to give virtual moola to the virtual charities lol..once you have your wishlist you can edit it as often as you like and ofcourse share it with friends or put it on ur blog.. ! 

back to what's pulling me away from this post lol.. my e-vision purchase, ps. i love you (ofcourse i always start watching right after the yucky part. this movie is super cute and realizing that gerard dies is never something i want to acknowledge.. if you've not watched it yet. SHAME on you lol. also movie should be renamed to ps. i want her coats.. ;) lol

sweet dreams beautiful bloggers and non-bloggers x


Fairytaled said...

i remember watchin this movie 3 times! oh and now its on dvd i have to go get it!!!!!! i love love loooooove this moviee

sadia said...

the x ray flower shots are beautiful...and spending a million?..lol i don't think i will need the practice!

good luck with the new room!

sadia said...

oh yeah...i remember watching the movie.....funny i don't remember it being too good...must watch it again after your recommendation!

Anonymous said...

I advise you to read the book... its waaaaay better than the movie!


Kuwaiteya said...

Where was the picture taken? elmokan shakla eshaweg. I want to go there ehehe:p