Dec 15, 2008

tried and tested

remember my..(our perhaps?) resolution of praying on time..?

we'll here's something me and my friend (the one i shared my resolution with) tried during this trip and was quite a successful and fab idea... which id like to share with you..

gone were the makeup bag days. a cherry lipbalm and kohl works magic these days.. so instead have a prayer bag on you at all times. cause u never know where you might be when its time to "obey the call" especially when you are travelling..

ours include..:

- qibla finder (aka bosala)
- travel praying mat
- socks. cause sometimes our pretty feet are oh so visible (which reminds me ballerinas in -0 degrees weather is a total faux pas lol)

hope you guys are inspired. and come up with even fabber ideas. if so do share x


♥ Kitten ♥ said...

Mashallah 3alaikom.. Allah y7fa'6kom w ythabtkom..

So proud that you made prayer even a more beautiful process than it already is..


Honey said...

great idea :)

Livingmylife said...

Love the idea! very convieniant since i wudnt dare where any of the ones in the malls ..

u never know who, and how many! heads they've been on! ;s

is it heavy though? with all the thngs


sadia said...

OUR resolution for sure!

ting said...

a beautiful idea in a beautiful little bag xx way to go!!

Latifa Saeed said...

i dont know if you check ur comments, but check this out:

i think u can take away the bosala from ur list and add this *wink*

Luxurina said...

Great idea..First I have to start praying again period., then I'll try to pray on time..It's so hard to keep up here in the US