Dec 9, 2008


tonight i'm thinking about how i'd like to buy the perfect cigarette leg jeans in black with a 14" leg opening. So that is what i will do tomorrow.

Still on the lookout for:
the perfect light diffusing concealer (late nights with the crazy trio has taken its toll) and being the i.d. bare minerals junkie that i am i'll probably pop into sephora for a mineral-high.

life lessons learned:
Jane Fonda (circa 1982) will always be my post december (aka calorie-fest) savior.


nyxxie said...

goodluck finding that concealer my darling, i'm on the lookout too! x

Aljoud said...

Seems like everyone is on the lookout for the ohsoperfect concealer :( lol
The best I used so far is this
but i'm not 100% satisfied lol I want something magical.. something outa this world!!!!
let me know if you find anything ;)

nyxxie said...

do you use liquid concealer avec minerals nwary? a7es it looks weird.

Latifa Saeed said...

long time x

try Armani, try Kanebo and shiseido

Happy birthday x 31 for everyday of the month =P