Dec 16, 2008

things to look forward to in 2009..

Ghostbusters release on BLURAY wohoooo!! ..once u go bluray you can never go back..+ i love collecting vintage flicks from my childhood to showcase on our girls outdoor movie nights ..

last year's winter showings were all about sharukh. this year. im going retro!

so were u a fan? (up to the extent of going to florida's universal studio to play the ghostgame kinda fan?!) lol


Livingmylife said...

outdoor movie night! 3ajeeeeeb! i absolutly love it!!

as for the movie .. i have no idea wat ur talking about ;p



Aljoud said...

omg i love ghostbusters!!!!!!!!!! ahhh fun fun fun!!!! <3

Cloudy Stars said...

i love ghostbusters!

sadia said...

i'm digging the complete outdoor movie thing! i wanna come too! :(

Anonymous said...

ya qooomr waiting for that day but plz choose arabic movies the old ones dont say shakat maser egededah
u know me no need for names love u

Luxurina said...

Looks so cozy! What a wonderful idea!