Dec 16, 2008

Shanghai Mansion: Bangkok

If i could live anywhere in the world (rent-free) I think i might pack my bags (and fatoomty + baby lawi) and move into a private residence at the Shanghai Mansion in Bangkok.

Can you see why?

Also: I'm Back in Du-fabulous-bai. wain sar elm6ar??


Cute UAE said...

perhaps coz of ur love for yellow painted walls?!

Hahaha! Just kidding! It sure lo0k so Chine Chic!

Elm6ar was our 3eediya! Now u enjoy the bright clear skies! U can c all the way and spot a mountain if ur in a sky high rise! =) ..nawarto elblaaad girlz!

Aljoud said...

il7imdellah 3ala elsalameh!! Nothing feels better than being home after a fantastic getaway!
The color combinations used in the mansion are breathtaking!! I looove! <3

Emaratioryx said...

ysalem 3alaich elm6ar.. wayed mizaji :p
7mdillah 3al salamah :)

sadia said...

not for me to be honest!
welcome home!