Dec 19, 2008

Secrerts from the 7theera

1.5 litters water
3 goo6ys rainbow
3 fnyals sugar
1 fnyal tea
haal only 6shoonih (ya3ny just a pinch) lol
= the perfect chai 7leeb

Toasted 9amoon bread
Chips Oman
Kraft cheese spread
= the perfect snack

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Mme.Monstre said...

aahhh ana aba chai 7leeb .. >,< i just had one.. bas it doesnt seem as half as good the one u described .. or prescribed lol ..

Fastidious Babe said...

<3s chai 7leeb 3al 76ab! enjoy x

Anonymous said...

Chai 7leeb <3 <3 I live next to a place where the second best chai 7leeb is made :)

Anonymous said...

ya qoomar
waitng for next thursday to this night
no name neded

Dee said...

Your 7athra looks like so much fun mashallah!
althou i dont agree on the snacks but thats okay ;p

nyxxie said...

im sipping my moroccan tea right now, wishing {& imagining} its chai 7leeb lol

ting said...

it's so much fun how u spice up the littlest of things :>

3anooda said...

a7lan shay the 9amoon wiya jibn glappat, chips oman (shaji3 ilmuntaj il wa6ani) wiya daqoos bu sagir

HHHHHMMMMMM 5a6ri al7een

wanna try another recipe?? replace the 9amooneh with a croissant mal ma7a6a mal meet baisa (1 or 2 DHS) - my secret. try it out oo let me know