Dec 22, 2008

the morning after

so this might come as a shock but mornings are not my thing now (i know?@!) it takes one of the three things to get me out of bed:

- meeting my nephew or having him dropped off on my a little cuddly parcel..(in cute babygap pjs..i insist ..cause they look adorable on him! ..he is sleeping next to me now in a glow in the dark skeleton one lol) 
..yah so im always asleep at that point but wakeup with someone pulling my hair. and suddenly. life is just perfect. i squeeze him to the point of depriving him of air. he then decides to either sleep next to me or clap his way into making me open the yo gaba gaba elijah wood dance..its our song ;)

- meeting my bestie for a VENTI dose of caffeine..and gossip. the innocent kind. ;p

- huda randomly coming into my bedroom (the first thing i shout is the typical. latfte7eeen il laitat) and force her to sit on my bed in complete darkness lol

& then ONLY then do i use my two most favorite energizing beauty products. TUBES OF MAGIC.

1- Biotherm's flash recharge concentrate

it's perfect with or without makeup its an instant wake me up for dull.colourless.insomniac skin ..magic ingredients: powerful antioxidants - pure ginseng and golden root to stimulate micro circulation and revitalize skin. its a GREAT pre party product. and the only thing you will need to take to makkah lol (yes skin is always fatigued and deprived there and this is my haram secret to looking like ive had over 12 hours of sleep ..shhh ;)

2- Dove's GOfresh body lotion
i blogged about this before. seriously my skin tingles all over..and suddenly i have enough energy to shop around dubai mall lol.. i love it... u have any wake me up asap secrets? x


Baroque said...

- a phone call to my b-bestie
-a tall decaf skimmed latte
-armani cream blush

will definitely try that flash thingy xx

Mme.Monstre said...
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Mme.Monstre said...

oh well this is going to be hard .. its hard to get me out of bed safely .. usually a threat is needed :P ...

- shopping trips with mom ..
- getting a spontaneous morning gift .. i get so excited lol
- any plans i got ..

Livingmylife said...



Fastidious Babe said...

a double shot of espresso.. nothing less!

Anonymous said...

A cup of hot tea :-)

sadia said...

breakfast made by mom! <3

Layla said...

ah Yeete 3al 3oug, I HATE morningssss, unless:

- I know I have a shoppping day ahead of me

- Going to the stables first thing in the morning

- If I'm excited to try new outfit, abaya, makeup

- Philip B chocolate body wash, Yum Yum

- Starbucks guiltfulllll Toffee nut Latte topped with cream & caramel. Calzzzzz