Dec 24, 2008

the intercontinental (dar eltaqwa) - elmadina elmonawra, ksa

..*that's where id want to wakeup..overlooking the green dome..and just in time for fajr prayers.. i would then go into rawthat el rasool..wait till the sun is up..and on the way back grab a tall low fat latte from starbux..


Livingmylife said...

I LOVE IT! i loved every second of it!

7abeebi eli oboo mat xxxxx! kesar 5a6ri wedi alema! ;/

id want to be with my grandpa in heaven. iv never seen him. he died gabil la anwilid,


nyxxie said...

Allah <3 i'm planning to wake up there in a few weeks xx

Aljoud said...

Nawary and nyxxie take me with you!! I'd love to wake up there and then.. see the birds flying over the domes that start opening slowly letting the sunshine in <3
lovely video!!

Fastidious Babe said...

loved the clip!

I havent been in aaaaages..would love to go sometimes soon inshalla..

nyxxie idd3eeelna! x