Nov 30, 2008

Wanted: eley kishimoto a/w fuschia fionka stiletos


Baroque said...

u really are "fyonka" mad?

nawary, u're going to be ribbon girl ib mokhy now..

so cute xx

Aljoud said...

the dress is so pretttttty!!!! <3 I mean, SOOO gorgeoussss! I want too :(

nyxxie said...

adorable shoessss

nawary said...

Baroque LOL ribbon girl <3 kawaii ..

its an obsession that has taken on a life of its own..and sees no end!! be warned and super prepared to get influenced.inspired andinfatuated. lol

aljoud....by3ybch eley kishmoto..the designs are all oh so fabulous!!

nyxxxxxie aren't they!! =) xx