Nov 23, 2008

vintage find du jour

SNAP BRACELETS!!! OMG remember those?? i used to luuuuuv collecting them and slapping my wrists silly...but then the stupid rumors of them being cancerous began. i miss them!!

available @


Fastidious Babe said...

OH MY GOD! LOOOOL DAAAMN! yeah i remember when everyone went like "they give u cancer" WTF LOOL

daamn u got me reminiscing!

sadia said...

gosh! this brings back soooo amny memories!
sometimes my arm would go red from repeatedly taking them off and putting them one.
i had one which could double as a ruler as it it had the scael printed on it!
and a black one with neon pink footprints on it!

Mme.Monstre said...

ugh akrah when people do that .. !! .. since im cold by attitude .. :P i'd typically go " wtv 3adi .. we'll all die at some point "