Nov 28, 2008

sending some love to the Bin Shabibs

it was always a pleasure picking up a (free copy) from your offices. and jido's living room..but then you got me hooked. i would buy a copy fresh off the press as soon as it hit the borders stand. the pages of brownbook smell woody. clean and crisp and i love flipping through and sniffing away ;p for the fabulous travel guides...for the great photography for the ingenious articles i salute you.

share the love and delish canapes on the 17th  x

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
7:00pm - 11:00pm
cuadro fine art gallery

building 10, difc gate village
ps. also check out colette's take on the anniversary


FLAME said...

You know? before we used to find all sorts of mags like Alif, Soura, and alot more cool magazines all around AD!!
AND I CANT EVEN FIND THEM IN ALMAGROODI!! I HATE THIS!! uuufff endless envy! im addicted to those kinda magazines, i think i'll have to subscribe to all of them, although i enjoy the journy of picking them up from those stores, mabroook to the Shabibs,creativity runs in the family mashalla 3alikom..

laila said...

Flame - Were actually selling in Abu Dhabi ,, dunno why you cant find it ? Will post selling places for you.

Noora - You are uber cute ! thank you so much for the post + <3 ,, hope to see you at the event xxxx

FLAME said...

Please do!and thanks alot..Nawari sorry for the invasion of ur blog..

nawary said...

LOL flmazey 5thy ra7tch inty akyat shay!! xx and a supertight hug ur way!!

lulu luv u girl good luck with the event!! =)

laila said...

dude we just changed the date its the 17th now not 14th ,, update it xxxxxxx