Nov 6, 2008

sabah el khair :)

Heading on a road trip with my friend (who I forced to take leave from work) lol thareba of being my friend -being up for any random adventure any day!

She has her bb and like is super busy drinking a starbux latte..I'm pretending like I have "important emails too" lol.. Breakfast of choice: soy milk (yes I'm a junkieeee) and a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in my kawaii wonderbread container (ps. I *heart* wonderbread)

Have a spontaneous nd fun day lovelies x
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Anonymous said...

ayyyyyy wein sayreh :o hahahah

sadia said...

sounds like fun!
lol @ u pretending to read imp. emails!
you're cute!

Zara said...

Japanese tea certianly good for health, i force myself to drink them occasionally. Your wonderbread container, marraaaaa kawaii!