Nov 10, 2008

pamper me pretty s'ill vous plait

I love mondays..I have a new hairstyle ala reese subtle witherspoon. I'm sipping ginger with honey tea and will be spending the rest of the day with zozy and co. (nawarty dubai!) First stop: lunch at momos hn.. Je suis un couscous lover lol

Oh ps. I fill out forms in french now its my new thing lol u see I just wanted to amuse myself yesterday at the bank and now I can't stop ahaha! Kilh mn my new obsession with ruffles and super secret surprise ;)
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FB said...

lol j'adore ton nevelle obsession! LOL im so commenting in french 3ala ur blog mn ilyoam w ray7 :P c'est bon non? xx

FB said...

oh and i think its supposed to be "ta novelle obsession" LOL