Nov 3, 2008

it's not just the luscious color ..

truly this emerald green blouse by Desira Pesta has stolen my heart.. doesn't it look like something souad gorgeous hosni would've worn. (ps. im an avid black and white eygptian movies fan. i grew up watching them & was named after a famous farid et samia gamal song lol). 

also file under: love is owning a time machine ala quantum leap. take me back to the 1950's anyday of the week. s'il vous plait. x


sadia said...

hold it! i'm coming with you!

Mme.Monstre said...

>,< ooo .. el blouse is amazing !

Anonymous said...

yjanen ilblouse <3

gurl is that a long skirt ur wearin? 7abeita. where from?

Peony said...

su3ad 7ussni was and still is the most classiest b&w star... i love. well, her and audrey