Nov 28, 2008

it got me thinking

ahmed doesn't have another day..another chance but we do. let's take it upon us to be better muslims and better people. its easy to adopt a new habit and live with it every single day. mine for now is to pray on time. (imagine = a7ab el a3mal ila allah el 9alah fe waqt'ha) and i noticed it's not so easy it needs effort and good time management but what helps is sharing the same resolution with a friend and i have. its become a challenge. reminding each other when its time to pray and even waking each other up for fajr.. and its feels oh so good! try it!! =)

ps. thanks kitten for your latest post i loved this group please join and support them on facebook x

pps. thanks everyone for the overwhelming support and sms-es. a7bkom xx


Emaratioryx said...

i knew about it today..
Allah y9abrkom wo 3athem alla ajrkom :(

♥ Kitten ♥ said...

Allah yr7ama w ythaabta w yskeneh fasee7 janateh..

w Allah y9abrkom inshallah.. *hugs*

Life is too short and thats the only thing we take with us when we die..

sadia said...

what you're doing is absolutely amazing. life's too short and precious to waste...soon we'll all have to meet out judgement.
only our deeds will we take with ourselves.
lets be good to each other so that those we leave behind will not hold any grudges against us.
i hope you're able to keep up with praying on time from now. best of luck.
let's all learn from this tragic incident.

Rude Lovers said...

allah yer7amah wo ye'3amed roo7ah el jannah, wo allah ye9abrkom

Aljoud said...

I'll try my best to do that too. Sometimes we just get carried away with things that we tend to pray a tad late..
InshAllah you'll be able to pray on time.. o InshAllah this post will be fi mwazeen 7asanatich darling.
n7ibbich akthar x

nawary said...

eldwam wil bqa lillah. thank you guys you all are very thoughtful. kind and supportive x

aljoud yalla inshaj3 ba3th!! i decided to have a new resolution each month. and stick to it insha allah. i will keep u posted.

luv you all xx

Aljoud said...

yay lets do that!!
and kudos on your bright thinking! that would be just fab! <3
btw, i added you on fb ;)

hope you're feeling better.