Nov 22, 2008

dear nawary

from time to time i get emails from readers with all sorts of questions, some personal and some that tap into my professional past (ex-stylist). fun. fashionable and fabulous. i try to take the time to respond to them personally, but others i prefer to share with my readers..

here's a dear fashy Q that was close to heart..

"where can i find a decent and chic swimsuit that is muhajababe friendly and not silly and stupid like the ones we find in the arab market. im fed up of wearing short leggings with my one piecers when i go out to swim (ladies becahes mais bien sur) i want akoon mitsatra and stylish. please help. ps. i hope you understand the whole parameters of 3awrat il mar2a and not take this email lightly" urs truly muhajachic =)

muhajachic i would never have take this lightly. i totally understand where your coming from. and respect your choices. its hard to find people who stand by what they believe in and are not your typical mould and trend obsessed. i'm not the one to judge im a mohajababe and supahproud too =)

et voila..i found a supercute choice.. and i love it. .. it has inspired me to totally ditch the wetsuit look for chic nd fab..(im starting pvt. scuba diving lessons soon) yay!!  x

a decent. cute and muhajababe worthy swimsuit ..thoughts?? x


F.Y said...

thats really cute and neat! thank you both for bringing it up <3

nyxxie said...

I hate it when people show too much flesh, no matter how good it can look on some figures, i find it quite disturbing. Your body isn't for everyone else to see. This is pretty! Thanks for sharing nwaaryyy :*

inspired said...

oh its super cute!!