Nov 28, 2008

sending some love to the Bin Shabibs

it was always a pleasure picking up a (free copy) from your offices. and jido's living room..but then you got me hooked. i would buy a copy fresh off the press as soon as it hit the borders stand. the pages of brownbook smell woody. clean and crisp and i love flipping through and sniffing away ;p for the fabulous travel guides...for the great photography for the ingenious articles i salute you.

share the love and delish canapes on the 17th  x

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
7:00pm - 11:00pm
cuadro fine art gallery

building 10, difc gate village
ps. also check out colette's take on the anniversary

it got me thinking

ahmed doesn't have another day..another chance but we do. let's take it upon us to be better muslims and better people. its easy to adopt a new habit and live with it every single day. mine for now is to pray on time. (imagine = a7ab el a3mal ila allah el 9alah fe waqt'ha) and i noticed it's not so easy it needs effort and good time management but what helps is sharing the same resolution with a friend and i have. its become a challenge. reminding each other when its time to pray and even waking each other up for fajr.. and its feels oh so good! try it!! =)

ps. thanks kitten for your latest post i loved this group please join and support them on facebook x

pps. thanks everyone for the overwhelming support and sms-es. a7bkom xx

Nov 27, 2008


I woke up with the worst headache..I couldn't sleep last can't bet on how life turns out and one day ..suddenly & tragically it ends.

اللهم اغفر لأحمد بن سعيد الطاير اللهم ثبته عند سؤال الملكين ..اللهم أكرم نزله و أحسن مثواه فإنك أكرم الأكرمين
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Nov 26, 2008

Nov 25, 2008

index utopia

pop the bubble '09 calendar (ya3ny 365 days of popping bubble wraaaaap!-- GENIOUS) 

..available @

louboutin lust list

im an avid collector of lanvins and loubies ..they give me a high remininsent to breakfasts at cafe de flore (saint germain) & laduree pistache macaroons. french and fabulous. so every season i devise the ultimate shoe wishlist and work my way down to each pair...on my fat days. sad days. nostalgic days and luckyladybird at harvey nix days lol (tres emelda marcos of me - says mum) and negative to my brothers' beliefs. this is not my SOLE purpose in life.. im just a girl with pretty 38 sized soles (and new shoe closet space ;) et voila my picks for spring x

glow in the dark rings

@ the reem fabulous acra event avec ma soeur and french music x

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Nov 24, 2008

Mid-week indulgence

an after eight hot cocoa

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Nov 23, 2008

vintage find du jour

SNAP BRACELETS!!! OMG remember those?? i used to luuuuuv collecting them and slapping my wrists silly...but then the stupid rumors of them being cancerous began. i miss them!!

available @

yoghurt kababs and kastana

To mark the start of winter x

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Nov 22, 2008

dear nawary

from time to time i get emails from readers with all sorts of questions, some personal and some that tap into my professional past (ex-stylist). fun. fashionable and fabulous. i try to take the time to respond to them personally, but others i prefer to share with my readers..

here's a dear fashy Q that was close to heart..

"where can i find a decent and chic swimsuit that is muhajababe friendly and not silly and stupid like the ones we find in the arab market. im fed up of wearing short leggings with my one piecers when i go out to swim (ladies becahes mais bien sur) i want akoon mitsatra and stylish. please help. ps. i hope you understand the whole parameters of 3awrat il mar2a and not take this email lightly" urs truly muhajachic =)

muhajachic i would never have take this lightly. i totally understand where your coming from. and respect your choices. its hard to find people who stand by what they believe in and are not your typical mould and trend obsessed. i'm not the one to judge im a mohajababe and supahproud too =)

et voila..i found a supercute choice.. and i love it. .. it has inspired me to totally ditch the wetsuit look for chic nd fab..(im starting pvt. scuba diving lessons soon) yay!!  x

a decent. cute and muhajababe worthy swimsuit ..thoughts?? x

Nov 21, 2008

Merci Kteer!!

The response received for the bags has been overwhelming!! It was a fabulous endeavour by the girls and all bags have been sold whoever left a comment or has a thought or feedback to share with them please email them on I'm sure they'd be more than happy to welcome ur words wether u bought a bag or not!! xx

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Nov 19, 2008

jahza lil hajj?

a group of local girls (ex-hajiyat) have put together the essential hajjiyah bag ...everything you will need is included in a super cute foldable tote..they have sold most of them and have a very limited quantity left and available for anyone planning to go to hajj or knows someone and would like to gift them. seriously they are being sold like yummy sprinklez cupcakes by the dozen if anyone reading is interested and is lucky enough to send me an email before they run out of stock i will be glad to give more details.  x

Nov 18, 2008

occasion: homemade dinner with my girlfriends @ um3aboody's house

Also an oppertunity to wear yellow and eat warag 3anab xx

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good lucid morning lovelies x

i still have a thing for the color yelow..(refrence june. 28 post)

& now im craving this marc by marc jacobs dress for spring bbq's by the pool with mygirlfriends butterflies on my hair ala missbruno and colorful pucci sandals ..wait thats not all. i dont have to tie my phone to my wrist with a huge pink satin bow anymore. this dress has a detachable zipper pouch on the side. kawaii!! lol x
available at barneys nyc

Nov 17, 2008

alexander SUPERCOOL mcQueen rocks my world!

from the spring 2009 show

so yes your "world is spinning out of control" theme ..models morphed into nymphs.. and dead stuffed animals on the catwalk.. all point to the blatantly obvious GENIOUS  title in my books. but nothing comes close to the fact that you came out dressed in a bunny outfit...mcQuirkyqueen. u define what's fun and fabulous in the world of fashion. and when the world borderlines crazy. your shows are a breath of fresh humorous air. merci x

watch the video review on 

Nov 16, 2008

Beam me up Gareth

I love this collection because it reminds me of 3itab in space. lol allah yr7amch x

Baby Lawi's najdi zanoobaz

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noq6at tha3fy

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Nov 15, 2008

& the day ends on a sweet note x

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for nice girls who like stuff

Juicy monopoly set (I wantneeddesirecrave THIS)!

Juicy cupcake ceramic 7asala * aka bank

Juicy jelly i-phone cases

Juicy heart USB port

and just when things start to look up

My batteries die on me. I'm super late for a 10am bkfast get together with the girls.. I get there at noon and sip my low fat latte in self pity.. But what's really bugging me is waking up this morning to find out that I totally sleep binged on minooman crisps (the new ohsoyummy poofak) the evidence shocked me!! Wth?! Forget the skinny facade..deep inside I'm a fat woman screaming to come out!!
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Nov 14, 2008

quoi de neuf mademoiselle bruno ?

there's something so avante garde about missbruno.. everything about the collections has a whimsical dress-up .. feminine and tres nostalgic feel to them. This style is my current inspiration. i have fallen madly in lalalalove.. bring out the floral hair pieces. stock up on colorful leggings. and eclectic dresses.. this spring will be polaroid worthy!!

Nov 13, 2008

note to throat

i am a verrrrrry bad singer .seriously my friend just sent me a voice file: with me blaring out mohammed abdu on a ride back from the courts i think i just won at tennis and that was me> victory singing in fo97a?? yeah i don't recognise myself anymore lol