Oct 9, 2008

yummy webbie alert: Violet May London

i cannot begin to describe how lush and gorgeous everything violet may waves their magic wand on..from snakeskin textures to sparkling gold and tres chic lining..im absolutley head over heels in love..my wanda (blackberry with an ego) and zay el hawa hot pink mackbook air will finally be seen strutting around in techno hautness x

Nawary's yummy picks include:

the blackberry python purse in gold

flashy silver computer clutch

The KYDD laptop bags. lush lining and stunning snakeskin embossed leather

a secret: they create couture and limited edition pieces. grab your sparkly notebooks and start sketching your whims x


sadia said...


splinky said...

shmexy bags! me hearts <3333333333

shoosha said...


Mawazee said...

my friend bought one of those laptop bags and she loves it!!

I ♥ pink Sugar said...

cute...totally cute!!!

I ♥ pink Sugar said...
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