Oct 14, 2008

point in case

I'm baby sitting baby lawi fdait roo7a while mommy dearest wedding hops around town lol

Besides the fact that I'm chatting on the phone eating my oreo mcflurry and watching the daily show with jon hillarious stewart..I'm still the 3alam's best khalo ever :p

Ps. Mind the containers I'm still room-less lol..good news perhaps??? I have wireless connection now in spooky GR (guestroom)..don't get me netaportering at 3am excited yet!!... Maybe its their way of telling me to settle in already.. my room might be taking longer than expected. :(

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sadia said...

oooh...i love babysitting (once in a while)...lawi fdait roo7a looks so adorable...mashallah.

enjoy your wireless connection while you can =)

Anonymous said...

Poor you ... !!

Inshallah, u'll have ur own place ready soon... ;)