Oct 27, 2008

i lead an extraordinarily fabulous life because

i drink dr stuarts teas (since like 5  minutes ago lol) but seriously its my most yummy find this week. it's just like tea with amazing graphics on the boxes and just gorgeous attitude lol..  "calm down dear".. is chamomile.. "you go girl!" is tripe ginseng and i could go on..

tonight im testing "a little more laid back"aka  tranquility while reading this week's timeout avec my favorite backdrop noise of all jon hillarious stewart.

sweet dreams lovelies x


Sham3at Al Jillas said...

I love Jon Steward too. He is the best fake new anchor ever! So where can I find this tea of yours?

inmychoos said...

lol ur adorable! '9a7akteeni 3ala "5 mins ago" hahaha thats SO me ;p

miss you!


Zabo0o6a said...

It's my first visit and i'm loving ur blog ;)

nawary said...

sham3at al J. spinneyyyyyys u absolutley HAVE GOT TO TRY them ! x

inmyfabulouschoooooos i missed u toooooo!!! LOL skty i like PR everything and anything who cares when we find out about them aham shay we rave and rave and rave lol

zaboo6a merci ktter Z x