Oct 24, 2008

heart to blog

it's quite early. i have my toons on and i'm waiting for my egg white omlete with extra tomatoes.. and the one thought i have are words im living by "Be the change you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi.

hold that thought...
i can hear my father's footsteps and the change in me would rather have her chai o karak with dad rather than the powerpuff girls. x

ok im back. so why the insights so early on? well i had the most profound breakthrough. emotionally and mentally. and maybe im not quite "zen" yet but i think im on my way to becoming. this post is not intended to make sense by the way. so yes i love pretty things and maybe "fashion" but that is not what defines me. unlike the hoards; my life is not validated by hermes. a smile combined with godiva white chocolate hearts and you've won me over. that's all it takes. my brother gives me the cutest gifts always. of course thats because whenever he walk in to my room i spring up and assskkk oooooooooo sho ybtly? so i guess he is obliged in that sense. now you know what he got me..just recently.. a magnet that in his opionion was "me"

DANCE. as though no one is watching (done. dad once walked into my room, i wasn't dancing alone. but we didnt stop either lol) LOVE. as though you have never been hurt before. SING as though no one can hear you (sooo me. il mishkilh everyone can hear me w t3bow w hom ysaktony lol. sorry i do a hell of a good philipino 90's love song accent) LIVE. as though heaven is on earth. *hearts*

cute non? ok so i'm not putting off breakfast with the girls in account of the delish eggs i just had. i'm off to shower and lather in rose scented yumminess. and promise to "smooty to post elyoum. shay wayed wayed mohim. x


Meticulous said...

tara your life 7ada eshawig !

sadia said...

LOVED your post! i loooove private moments with family members and tea with dad sounds sooo nice! :)
lol...dancing in front of dad?...what were you dancing to?...lol

nyxxie said...

how gorgeous <3 Allah la y'3ayer 3laikum abad ya rab

KissMyShades said...

"unlike the hoards; my life is not validated by hermes"

Hoorah Koozah !!

Layla said...

ah I love reading your posts. so lively

allah e6awel eb 3imr ur parents ;)

Yosor said...

I loved this post... It tells allot about who u REALLY r and what matters to u. .

Allah y'7alleelich ur parents and siblings because what u guys have is so precious and rare (ma sha Allah)