Oct 2, 2008

calling out all kuwaiti fashionistas

exclusively availabe at
pinkmoon <3>

- on a separate note: i'm back. thank you all for your kind wishes and comments. i have a cold. the sexy demi voice kind. still a nomad at home (reference living out of a box,rail and suitcase) my room is finding it's way from italy onbaord a ship: destination tone on tone fashy haven. 150 dhs = total amount of 3eediyah i got (yes out of pity) i blew them on a hot pink pedi.mani and a cup of goooooodnd yummy galler hot cocoa..also and more importantly i am morphing into an insomniac. if i don't have 12 hours of decent uninterupted* sleep i will be stocking up on ugly bags!

* stop with the super early "FWD" sms-es people. i only ever reply to the ones sent after 12 pm addressing me and not the entire uma..  >.<;


sadia said...

get well soon =)

nawary said...

thanks gorgeous x

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the last two lines! that's exactly what i did this eid ma 6arrasht any sms >,<

mbarakn 3eedech o ajer o 3afyeh xx


Emaratioryx said...

WB !!! wo hope you had a great Eid :)