Oct 13, 2008

barney who?

i think (and its not just the hormones talking) that one day i will make an amaaaazing mother.. besides the fact that i buy the most adorable baby stuff always..it's the practice ive had on all the little victims i have encountered along those years. including baby lawi fdait roo7a ( fyi -that's his full name) anyways i just adore children and maybe i plan on having a dozen of my own or more. (meet your local angelina. full lips included) ;p

so anyways every now and then i'll be posting my  yummy mummy tips for all you mamas.mamas to be and adorable babas too..

enter: al mufaikroon al sighar (little thinking minds) a collection of arabic language dvds that educate little ones via images from our own heritage! fabulous non? expect to see camels and ma3mool =)


Mariam said...

Omg! The last one is new, haven't seen it at ToyRUs! Thanks for sharing =)

sadia said...

haha...lol at your hormones and your pouty lips! inshallah you'll make a great mom.

perhaps IT will be "barney who?" soon...yay!...i hate him!...lol

nyxxie said...

lol barney gets on my nerves so if you're gona rid us of him please do the honors! the fyi was such a cute note luv u nawary!!