Oct 30, 2008


On my way to meet the girls for tea and swalef..in the same place I had bkfast with my bff this morning =/ Yalla dubai mall open..jaldee!!

Meanwhile I cannot put mehmet oz's book down.. Not even while having my soy yoghurt to go.. Ps. I'm becomming a soy junkie sara7a.. but did you know that soybeans contain heart and artery healthy protein fiber and fats..meaning 1 cup a day can make u 0.4 years younger. Ya3ny tempting enough to skip the eye serum girls (umm maybe) lol


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sadia said...

how does it taste? like regular yoghurt??

Baroque said...

istaqfar allah, the flavor sounds bad.. i wonder how it tastes?

pray do tell us more about the book, i have no time for Oprah or her syndicated episodes those days, keep a girl updated xx

Fastidious Babe said...

is the book any good? sounds interesting.. do tell xx

nyxxie said...

so having 5 cups a day makes us 2 years younger? ;p

nawary said...

sadia. no its an aquired taste. i like it though..

baroque and fastidious YOU have GOT to buy this book its sooo fascinating everything is so new and so simply put. you learn to take action with your diet and lifestyle. ill post info on the super healthy info everyone needs to know every now and then inshalla. i luv it <3

nyxxie lol yah and like horrible stomach pain. =p