Oct 31, 2008

besides the fact that i love him*

this song reminds me of ramadan and the best days ever spent in maka with my friend huda x

we would wake up at 1.30pm..and drag ourselves out of bed. make remarks on our super kishas. also note that i would jump on her bed just to annoy her lol and then we'd meet up in the living room with our labneh and khyar. make futoor sandwhiches and sing out loud to the versus of this song. i love it. *mostafa  and ahmed. rock my world  x

enjoy ;)

Oct 30, 2008


On my way to meet the girls for tea and swalef..in the same place I had bkfast with my bff this morning =/ Yalla dubai mall open..jaldee!!

Meanwhile I cannot put mehmet oz's book down.. Not even while having my soy yoghurt to go.. Ps. I'm becomming a soy junkie sara7a.. but did you know that soybeans contain heart and artery healthy protein fiber and fats..meaning 1 cup a day can make u 0.4 years younger. Ya3ny tempting enough to skip the eye serum girls (umm maybe) lol


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yummy webbie alert: Yunju Lee

it stains itself as a precious thing..

"the worthless and unpleasant stain which we find from our daily lives can be transformed into the most valuable and fascinating jewellery ... INGENIOUS! the quirk in me has fallen in lalalallaluuuv <3 

check out the fabulous collection @ yunju-yummy-lee ( i *heart the ketchup dribble and milk mostache set lol..fabulous gifts for guys with crispy clean kandoras =p)

Oct 29, 2008

good.fionkalicious.afternoon lovelies

i *heart* linda farrow anything..and with what is beginning to seem like a never ending infatuation with bows aka fionkas ..i'm craving those sunnies from linda's collaboration with rodarte (and not just for halloweeeen ;) lol x

Oct 28, 2008

love can be many things

But today it's a super early tall soy latte with delicious homemade blueberry pancakes..

the world feels like a much more fabulous place...

..goodmorning lovelies x

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Oct 27, 2008

i lead an extraordinarily fabulous life because

i drink dr stuarts teas (since like 5  minutes ago lol) but seriously its my most yummy find this week. it's just like tea with amazing graphics on the boxes and just gorgeous attitude lol..  "calm down dear".. is chamomile.. "you go girl!" is tripe ginseng and i could go on..

tonight im testing "a little more laid back"aka  tranquility while reading this week's timeout avec my favorite backdrop noise of all jon hillarious stewart.

sweet dreams lovelies x

good.homemade strawberrymilk.morning lovelies x

karen walker does alice in wonderland & i love it!!!!

Oct 26, 2008

I *heart* jacki-O

I love collecting pretty coffee table books..assouline is by far my most favorite bookstore in dubai (harvey nix 3rd floor)..
Et voila my recent yummzy find..avec my breakfast low fat chino and getting to spend the day with lolooti - I'm yet again reminded on how oh so good it is to have retired at such a young and fabulous age ;) xx
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Oct 25, 2008


I don't know what's more stressful being in a waiting room or running awaaaaay from the pastel coloured pacman ghosts (walla ykhawfooon.its like bayaklony '3a9ban 3any!!)
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Oct 24, 2008

heart to blog

it's quite early. i have my toons on and i'm waiting for my egg white omlete with extra tomatoes.. and the one thought i have are words im living by "Be the change you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi.

hold that thought...
i can hear my father's footsteps and the change in me would rather have her chai o karak with dad rather than the powerpuff girls. x

ok im back. so why the insights so early on? well i had the most profound breakthrough. emotionally and mentally. and maybe im not quite "zen" yet but i think im on my way to becoming. this post is not intended to make sense by the way. so yes i love pretty things and maybe "fashion" but that is not what defines me. unlike the hoards; my life is not validated by hermes. a smile combined with godiva white chocolate hearts and you've won me over. that's all it takes. my brother gives me the cutest gifts always. of course thats because whenever he walk in to my room i spring up and assskkk oooooooooo sho ybtly? so i guess he is obliged in that sense. now you know what he got me..just recently.. a magnet that in his opionion was "me"

DANCE. as though no one is watching (done. dad once walked into my room, i wasn't dancing alone. but we didnt stop either lol) LOVE. as though you have never been hurt before. SING as though no one can hear you (sooo me. il mishkilh everyone can hear me w t3bow w hom ysaktony lol. sorry i do a hell of a good philipino 90's love song accent) LIVE. as though heaven is on earth. *hearts*

cute non? ok so i'm not putting off breakfast with the girls in account of the delish eggs i just had. i'm off to shower and lather in rose scented yumminess. and promise to "smooty to post elyoum. shay wayed wayed mohim. x

Oct 21, 2008

Oct 19, 2008

hello, wisconsin!

in light of my recent find (uber funky mini and supah mini disco balls)..and because im soooo into fez i've decided that my new "thang" to be seen in all around town will be a pair of retro velvet flared jeans in haute cranberry red

mental note: hunt out a rainbow vest. the puffier the better.. and throw a 70's get together! x

Khanfaroosh size disco balls

I'm quite sure I need those. lol
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Oct 18, 2008

Spotted @ Paris Gallery

Alexander Mcqueen crimson delight stilletos @ 2930 dhs.
Utterly fabulous for a festive season ahead x
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love moschino - tiered cowlneck mini dress

friday brunch: pearls. two toned quilted ballerinas (both by chanel). big satin fionka headband and contrasting cardie.
friday dinner: colored leggings in mellow yellow.rockstar backcomed ponytail. fuschia lips and geeky shades. 

remember: obey your whims. x

Oct 16, 2008


meet my husband.

together we shall conquer the world with wit.. sexy eyes.. white socks and birkins. LOL x

Oct 14, 2008

cookies 'n cuteness

bonding with luluty at haagenyummydaz x
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point in case

I'm baby sitting baby lawi fdait roo7a while mommy dearest wedding hops around town lol

Besides the fact that I'm chatting on the phone eating my oreo mcflurry and watching the daily show with jon hillarious stewart..I'm still the 3alam's best khalo ever :p

Ps. Mind the containers I'm still room-less lol..good news perhaps??? I have wireless connection now in spooky GR (guestroom)..don't get me netaportering at 3am excited yet!!... Maybe its their way of telling me to settle in already.. my room might be taking longer than expected. :(

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Oct 13, 2008

barney who?

i think (and its not just the hormones talking) that one day i will make an amaaaazing mother.. besides the fact that i buy the most adorable baby stuff always..it's the practice ive had on all the little victims i have encountered along those years. including baby lawi fdait roo7a ( fyi -that's his full name) anyways i just adore children and maybe i plan on having a dozen of my own or more. (meet your local angelina. full lips included) ;p

so anyways every now and then i'll be posting my  yummy mummy tips for all you mamas.mamas to be and adorable babas too..

enter: al mufaikroon al sighar (little thinking minds) a collection of arabic language dvds that educate little ones via images from our own heritage! fabulous non? expect to see camels and ma3mool =)


Time passes by sooooooo unbelivably slowly when you are fasting >.<;
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Life in the guest room

Passes by so slowly...me and my shoes are done feeling homeless.restless.internetless and freezing cold =(

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Oct 11, 2008

Spotted @ s*auce

Naco-paris oversized tee @ 355 dhs.

Pair with 80's washed superskinnies ankle booties..and a nonchalant attitude x

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crispy crackling cocopops with super cold milk and cookiecrunch cereal bits 3ala kaif kaify :p

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Oct 10, 2008

Spotted @ marks and spencer

Twiggy eco-friendly shoppers @ 25 dhs

Go green x

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Oct 9, 2008

green tea tempura icecream


Big mistake..shouldve gone for the peach or..yumzy vanilla ..

Momotaro -souk albahar

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yummy webbie alert: Violet May London

i cannot begin to describe how lush and gorgeous everything violet may waves their magic wand on..from snakeskin textures to sparkling gold and tres chic lining..im absolutley head over heels in love..my wanda (blackberry with an ego) and zay el hawa hot pink mackbook air will finally be seen strutting around in techno hautness x

Nawary's yummy picks include:

the blackberry python purse in gold

flashy silver computer clutch

The KYDD laptop bags. lush lining and stunning snakeskin embossed leather

a secret: they create couture and limited edition pieces. grab your sparkly notebooks and start sketching your whims x

meet tyson. we love each other so.

also file under: i packed my bags and left my heart on the sidewalks of huntington ave.

Oct 8, 2008

vintage find du jour

Sirwal bubadla- al fairoozi trading (soog alJumla) @ 25dhs..good luck bringing it down to 20dhs ;p

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spotted fe soog el jimla

Dubai jalabiya @ 35dhs lol

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Oct 7, 2008

fall'08 @ planet marc

"it's all about reinterpreting the punk spirit and energy of the 1980s
Beck Toney, store stylist - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Oct 6, 2008

i *heart* quirky jewelery

retro chiclets and ghandour wrist candy ala Rana Salam (@ diadiwan)

Dia - also has an adorable range of whimsical Dolly necklaces..with themes like vegetable juice, popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, Cadbury Milk Chocolate, Kodak Film and Jelly Beans.