Sep 22, 2008

Good.super.early.fajr. Lovelies x

Please note my custom kitty do3a2 book pouches..don't the three of us make the cutest trio in mecca ;)

--here's to travelling with friends...always! x

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in my choos said...

nawarryyyy tu es adorable!!!! <3 youu xx


♥ Kitten said...

Awwww I wanna 3omra too!! & its even better with a friendly company!

Pleaase id3eeely.. & tqabal Allah 6a3tkom inshallah.. x

♥ Kitten said...

Forgot to say.. beaurrrriful pouches.. w a7la shay feehen inna they r custom-made!

Allah y5aleekom 7ag ba3a'6 xOxo

sadia said...

lucky you...mashallah!
i wish i was going too!
come back safe.

Mariam said...

LOL >.<

Your blog's 'cute' :) ..Wondering how else I would label it.

karroozi said...

hehe that's sooo adorable!
allah yetqabal 6a3atkum xx

Peony said...

so cute!
3umrah maqboola inshalla xxx

Anonymous said...

3mra Maqboola inshallah..