Sep 17, 2008

estawda3tkom allah

I'm off to mecca.. don't worry I have learnt the art of smuggling almost anything and everything into the haram for futoor ;p .. What's khalo eman's karak without my digestive hobnobs? lol x

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nyxxie said...

to9loon salmeen ya rab..
sa3yen mashkoor w thanben ma'3foor ya rab.. la tnsaina mn d3watech <3

hoping to c u soon *.*

nyxxie said...
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baskootta said...

3umrah mgboolah enshallah fashyyyy..

Anonymous said...

30mra maqbola Nawary,


PinkChampagne said...

3mrah magboola enshalla Fashy trdein bisalama xxx

MrFur said...

rafaqatkom esalaamah, o la tensoon elmuslimeen mn do3a2kom

in my choos said...

3umra maqbooola nawaryyy ;* missyou!