Aug 5, 2008


i rode "seppi" a teal powerboat. i sat in the back put my legs up high and pretended  the sky formations were all shoe designs. nature was showcasing next seasons fluffy prima ballerina winter booties..or so it seemed. the weather was perfect. the scenery pristine. it was one of those moments where if only i could've..i would have made time stop.

today. i bought the cutest lanvin olive green ballerinas with black velvet bows (for those of you who know me u can understand my fionka fascination) anyways they were on sale. comfy. and super cute. i wore them on purchase and walked out of the store hugging them with my eyes and tossing my gold flats in a bag. a couple of hours later it started to rain and i was sharing an umbrella with my mother she was soaked. we both were lol she kept on tugging the umbrella backwards and i was pushing it forwards until she was like what are you doing im soaking wet from the back..i looked at her with a tearful pout & protested: bs omy na3aly ydeed!! LOL alors she made me wear my old ones then and there. lets pray tomorrow is a sunny sunshine day and i can run.skip and floric in full-on olive cuteness.

until then. be safe bella ragazzas x


A Journal Entry said...

ur ballerinas are gorgeous mashallah.. 3alaich bil 3afya =)
hehehe aaah the things we do for our shoes!

Mawazee said...

i love how u have ur shoes in shots!!the lanvins r super cute.lbs el3afya inshala.

Anonymous said...

Nawary, sorry about such a question but how does one keep their feet from not stinking and smelling without wearing socks?


Anonymous said...

Ur mum and u sound so cute!!! lool Allah 7af'6ha..

Beautiful pair of shoes, is there any other color? Purple Suede would look gorgeous.. <3


Fastidious Babe said...

Awww cuteness! love the ballerinas.. hope they didn't get ruined from the rain! x

Layla said...

Cuuuutee.. mabrouk 3ala el cuuuutest lanvin's great purchase <3 bt omg the rain

btw where r the pix taken ?? loved it so much.

Anonymous said...

omg fashionistaaaaaaa TRUELY ONE HELL OF A FASHIONISTA!! i luuuuvvv ur blog >< it's SOooo much funnnn >< the pixxx, the topics, everything (L). Ok since ur a fashionista u gottaaa help me out *sob sob* am gonna travel and im dyyyyying to get flowery shirt dresses to wear along with skinny jeans and a cardigan....something similar to what u posted in ur "i'm still here" post (L). Where can I find something smiliar flowery shirt dresses and cardigans ? omg thnx a lot >< !!!

Anonymous said...

you are lucky to have the chance to visit such a places

nawary said...

girls for some reason the comments rnt all showing journal entry o zazy merci in a place sans net. its heaven on earth actually..

so in the meantime ill reply to some of the comments that might have been deleted??

announmous commenter merci kteeeeeeer ur compliments are super kawaii.. u can find floral tunics at zara and massimo dutti harvy ix dubai is my shopping haven too...stock up on the cardigans at massimo i have them in EVERY colour ive been an avid collecter mn 2 years and still going lol enjoy ur holiday x

sara unfortunatley i dont have an answer bs i know that not wearing the same shoe for days in a row helps and meticulisouly washing feet during prayer (5times a day) ana wayed picky lol bs there is a fab dr. scholl´s line out at boots to deal with shoes that have decided to turn all icky on shoe loving fashionistas im sure that will be helpful also. if ever buy cute skin color footsy socks mn marks and spencers i get them for my jimmy choos they are practically my skin olor and are invisible for blisterprone shoe brands ,p else opt for cute hello kitty ala handm socks xx

luv u all girls and for all the super sweet comments that vanished. lets hope tey come back and reappear..

from the heart of andalucia i send you my warm kisses x