Aug 16, 2008

snapshots from seville

"if I could only spend one more night between pool and garden,
in the olive-grooves, a legacy of grandeur,
where turtle doves sing and little birds warble;
in the Zahir, sheltering in a gentle rain,
while the Pleiades wink at us and we wink at them,
and the Zahi with its Sud al-Suud hall, watching us with envy,
because envy is love's constant companion;
it may be easy, it may be difficult;
everything depends upon the will of God"

Abbad-al Mutamid on his "blessed palace" during the sad days of his exile in Agmat - the takeover and fall of Seville 1248

moments: BBQ lunches at my grandfather's house in seville with family. catching a late night (occasionally funny) flamenco show at Los Gallos (Plaza Santa Cruz 11). Experiencing the local arabic hamam. horse driven carriage rides on the banks of seville. siting in my teeny balcony at the hotel during siestas, eating peaches and taking to my best friend.

the driveway leading to my granparent's house

the view from my balcony

Aire de Sevilla - (C/ Aire 15)
 Arabic style bathhouse with Morrocan tea room & delish sweets 
(ps. forget the concept of sharing i would gulf down each piece and open my mouth to ask if anyone had wanted it gably LOL) lootyih!

Next: Cordoba x


Layla said...

oH WaaaW. Honestly, I have never thought Spain is this beauuuuutifulll <3 Glad you're enjoying ur time & u should totally visit Grandpa's house annually ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow the views are really beautiful i've always wanted to go to spain .. talking to the fam seeing if it will be considered for the spring or next summer!!

nyxxie said...

gorgeous nora.. <3 gorgeous gorgeous mashallah 3laich you always know how to make the most of your time, x!

Fastidious Babe said...

wow! that's just lovely! and anything du maroc makes me swoon! bl3afyaa! xx

nawary said...

layla the south of spain is gorgeous o marbella is not in summer its sooo hot!!! x

annoymous.. do spain in spring ma an9a7 el 9aif as pretty as it is ..u can't love the soaring temperatures while admiring intricate islamic architecture.

nyxxie fdaaaaaitch inshalla ntlaga mara fe safra togther <3 luv u doll xx

fastidiousssss...merci kteeeeeer u should try the morrocan sweets at almaz HN dubai..they have this amazing banana cake on some days 3azaaaaaaab!!

PinkChampagne said...

If heaven was a place on earth this would be it..I <3<3<3the photos and the fantabulous tales of your travels Fashy...honestly mashalla noone does fun like you...Its breathtakingly stunning...Im addicted lol dont go more :) xx