Aug 27, 2008

living out of a suitcase

i'm finally back "home".. homesick yes..but mostly nephewsick. i love my baby lawi so much i can't begin to explain i'll have moments where i beg my sister to send him over and those make up the 20 hours i am awake yes i hardly sleep.. im redecorating my room and have moved into the guest room complete with my portable custom made hello kitty shoe closet and atleast 15 suitcases and boxes with my clothes. i've not settled in. my room is taking forever it started out with a closet expansion but now i want to change everything i want a little garden patio next to a white jaccuzi i want a sunroom with a breakfast table i want a chandelier and lots of vases with bundles of pink peonies..

& i want to do it all by myself ..but you see where i'm going being the meticulous person that i am it's taking forever (an understatement) and i dont think i can carry on living in the haunted part of the house anymore. which i must add has no wireless coverage.

bottom line: i'm way beyond stressed..and will be taking a blogging mini break..i promise to post my spanish & turkish escapades for now a shout out to my favorite bloggers:

- inmychoos - i miss you girls so so so MUCH. please update tra the internet is rainbow-less without u girls x
- retronista yay!! finally apost lak t2breny i luv u so much merci 3al ehda2
- nyxxie 7ob 7ayaty lol COME to dubai ASAP
- Kitten we are still waiting!!! >.<;



Delicately Realistic said...

I lost my custom made ring with my name ;( ive been looking for it for 1 week now

Anonymous said...

i can't help myself but ask where did you get the ring done?

my mom fell in love with it as well <333!!

retro-nista said...

Hello My dear! i saw a rainbow outside my window and knew u were bak hehe! *also u told me* ( but we'll ignore that point! say hi to lawi! and good luck re fabulousing ur room!

♥ Kitten said...

7abeebty Nawarii 5ala9 ma tam shay.. I promise! x

Fairy said...

dear please tell me where u got this ring done i likeee wayed

ting said...

purrrrty ring :)

Noora said...

hello girls..the ring was a gift the designer is fatima al qassimi google her she might have an online shop..i know that she has a facebook group though. good luck x

Sadia said...

fatima al qassimi does have a facebook group. the ring is beautiful noora - masahallah!

nyxxie said...

nawary... mtaa ana ashoofek ya kamel w9ooofekkk gooly meta gooly ebtesma7 '6roofekkkkk <3 mama loves that songgg w its an ehda2 to one of my favorite people evvvvver