Aug 17, 2008

i *heart* boutique hotels

A serene haven just off the tourist beat but centrally located..this mansion dates back to the 16th century and has a series of courtyards planted with jasmine, orange and lemon trees..the most amazing thing about it though is this building is built on roman remains & 16th century murals..find out more.

the roman ruins beneath a glass ceiling underneath the main dining's not visible but the mosaic floor is beautiful and all in one piece.

my super comfy bed with an assortment of pillows (yes they have a pillow menu lol)

it's pretty hard to imagine that once upon a time Cordoba aka قرطبة was the thriving capital of the Caliphate (خلافة i've come to regard it as a ghost town. apart from the great mosque (which at one point housed 40,000 people for prayer) imagine!! the gastronomical scene was not anything i was impressed with, maybe due to the fact that august (hotttttttest moth) is not the peak season & every major restaurant is closed for vacation, nonetheless cordoba needed a day's worth of sightseeing i spent the other 2 days pampering myself @ bodyna the hotel spa ...&  yes it's true i have a newly professed love for boutique hotels.

i leave you with Clicks from Cordoba x

cross in mosque signifies triumph of the christian faith in Spain over islam

my green fan vs. mummys beige one - much prettier than the MZ ruins/remains (not lol)

walking around the jewish quarters with Marcel Khalifa for company 

Next: Granada x


Anonymous said...

I'm so loving it!

Boutique hotels always latheethen lol and I always try to fit them in our tours..

Enjoy the rest of it gal xo

- mai khalifa

Anthony said...

That Hospes group has a knack of turning gorgeous historic buildings into beautiful contemporary hotels. I stayed in the Hospes Palau del la Mar in Valencia a few months ago (a highly recommended city, birthplace of paella, donchaknow) and, although the building lacked the ancient-ruins-under-glass-floor glamour of del Bailio, it still had a stunning marble interior and terrific architecture...

I *heart* boutique hotels too, but I kinda have to, given it's my job...

Fastidious Babe said...

i LOVE boutique hotels.. although its hard to convince the ppl i travel with that its the way to go! lol aahh how i would love to get a pillow menu right now! my pillows are totally giving me a hard time!

loved ur shots.. and the place is evidently flowing with textures and colors and amazingness!

keep us posted xx

nyxxie said...

tshawgeeen nawaryyy i miss you and i've missed your posts..

most hotels have pillow menus now regardless of me taking my pillows and duvets into the hotels i check into :p hahaha

MrFur said...

great shots..and storyline..i love how you let us into the planning stage of the me that part makes a holiday!
never have a pointless holiday lol life is too short