Aug 12, 2008

getting here..

remember my infamous breakdown in june? we'll here's the lowdown. every sumer i am in charge of our family's travel itenerary, along with eric our agent for the last decade or more we set on about planning months in advance trips that would feed into everyone's need for leisure and relaxation. from the time i planned the alaskan cruise for dad to the time before my sister's wedding (where the theme was centered around -shopping metropolitans of the world- i dragged everyone to paris,milan,los angeles and finaly newyork for her wedding gown appointments with vera) and as always everything was about everyone else. (insert long pause. for readers. to sympathize with me) lol ..

anyways this summer sans sister i was left to plan a getaway for just me and my parents (a first) everyone else made other plans. and to feed into my meltdown i decided to make it all about me. lol they are cute they trust me and alas have given me the green light to "explore the islamic history of arabs from the great andalusian era and beyond" yes i'm quite the history buff.. soaring weather aside (maxi-dresses* as per best friend's advice, leather sandals, sunglasses (HUGE) and spf - on hand, we have set on to explore the south of spain aka Andalucia..

first of Seville, et voila a picto documentation of getting to what is one of the most beautiful cities i have ever (ever) been to.. 

7 august 2008
1:42pm check-in at the lufthansa counter - Munich
i never travel without my TimeOut & wallpaper guides (as well as farid ;)

travel outfit of choice bubblegum pink velour juicy trackers and tod's sneakers

travel snack of choice - retro bubblegum

sometime between 3:00 and 5:30 pm. somewhere up above the french alps...

starving > forced to eat pineapple themed horrid airplane food

bookmarking elle while mommy slept - she's wearing the zebra paul & joe tunic i picked out for her (kawaii)

5:49 pm - arrived at Aeroport de Barcelona. transit time 1 hour 30 minutes

dad safeguarding our stuff while we shopped aimlessly ..

our finds included..

spanish phone + number 

Chanel beauty products avec haute barcelona Red polish..

et voila matches my new spanish fone lol (mtfayga i know)  ;p

9:16 pm arrived @  the  San Pablo Airport in Seville ..
9:54 pm while my parents finalize car rental best friend decided to indulge me in a deep philosophical bbm (blackberry messenger) convo. snippits of which included:

F: Nwair never agree to an arranged marriage
N: Hable enty
N:There is no other kind in our family lol
F:U start the trend
F:Ur different

*she is crazy sometimes but that's why i love her lol. call me old fashioned but i believe in arranged marriages..

anyways back to what this post is really all about. picto-documenting the mundane details of my life lol
10:19 pm - fixing the navigation while singing out loud .." woowwoooo heaven is a place on earth" 
(Belinda Carlisle, circa 1987) vintage i know e7m- my philipino toned volume escalates higher than navigation woman -much to dad's annoyance lol
our rental turns out to be in gold. super retro and tres mr.beanish. i plea in favor of keeping it!
 i win ;p
10:57 pm arrived at Hotel Alfonso XIII - Casa San Fernando
11:30 pm headed to the central courtyard that surrounds the patio to have dinner. is a charming Mudeja courtyard with a gorgeous central fountain (refrence previous post where i set alarm super early to have breakfast there..
by night & day..
12:38 pm we head back to the hotel after a stroll around the area..i unpack..unwind in my oscar d. kaftan..spray my floral scent du jour and wait for tomorrow to come..soon..

until my adventures unravel. i leave you with warm sevillian kisses from room 147. x 


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shmily said...

allaaaaaaaah fashy 7aseit chani msafrah weyakom! so much funnn plzz kamliiiiiiii lol @ the bb conv. mool may59a but i so have 2 agree with u, but madri a7es there's always an arranged marriage with a twist, or if u may call it arranged marriage *my way*

cant wait for the rest of the pics so exciiiiting.. agoolch, i seriously miss ur cuteness! 9edg!

noor said...

Gorgouesssssssss!el hotel
5uraaafi! waiting for more pics of your fabulous adventures,
Have fun babe!

ting said...

sooo much fun. ur pictures have a special touch! admire ur spirit :)

Anonymous said...


I'm so jealous, stuck fil 7arr fil blaad. Can't wait for my winter getaway. Enjoy.

Sara R.

Anonymous said...

Have Fun going back in time..!


PinkChampagne said...

Fashy Ive missed your posts immensely...that was so much fun to read and see...gorgeous absolutely gorgeous pics and lol I blinked at the MJ dress, Ive been hunting for ages ago since it was sold out :)
Im glad youre indulging yourself because you honestly deserve it...have a wonderful trip and keep the sparkles that always make me smile coming in because youre still the sunshine of cyberspace xx

nawary said...

shmilyyyy..fdaitch walla imiss utooo merciiii kteeer m albiiiiii a hopeless romantic too so you never know sho m5aby bokra wily ba3do lol a7bch x

noooooor thanks girl ill keep u posted for sure x

ting..awwww fdaitch walla. thats so precious to hear ..w thanks for passing by x

Sara..winter is a few months away... ;)

Phazes thanksss i truly am enjoying myself x

PC AWWW ENTY WAIN 7abeeeeeeeeebty walla ,,the MJ wa9la i got it last summer from the states its super cute with pearls and a fionka hairband ull find more cuteness fe il Marc by marc jabos store in festival city i promise.. a7bch walla ur words always make my day..xx

Fastidious Babe said...

the hotel looks amazing! I'm sure u guys are having a blast already! enjoy every moment and keep us posted .. love ur picto-cuteness lol xx

nawary said...

fastidious B - thank you so much and i hope u have adorable moments as well ya 3asal =) x